Forrest Alton, MSPH, CHES, Chief Executive Officer

...to our Online Learning Center!  Just like you, the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (SC Campaign) is focused on – and committed to – building a better future for young people.  The organization’s interest begins with the prevention of teen pregnancy, but also involves improving the life options for generations to come, increasing graduation rates, decreasing poverty and ultimately improving the health and economic well-being of South Carolina.

The SC Campaign was founded in 1994 by a network of grassroots advocates concerned about the alarming rate of teen pregnancy in the state.  Since then, the mission of the SC Campaign has been to prevent adolescent pregnancy in South Carolina through education and technical assistance to local programs, and public awareness, advocacy and research to the general public.

The SC Campaign has created a set of concrete goals that will guide future teen pregnancy prevention efforts in South Carolina and continue to reduce the rates of teen pregnancy in the state.  Within the organization’s strategic plan, the SC Campaign actively strives to ensure that:

  1. High quality teen pregnancy prevention programs and services are available to SC youth.
  2. High priority youth have access to teen pregnancy prevention services tailored to meet their unique needs.
  3. Public schools are delivering age-appropriate, science-based teen pregnancy prevention programs.
  4. Young people who are sexually active have access to condoms and other forms of contraception.
  5. Parents and trusted adults are having open and honest conversations with their children about love, sex and relationships.

While lofty, we truly believe each of these goals is attainable and much needed if we want to see a healthier, more prosperous South Carolina.  Knowing that teen pregnancy has a direct connection to other social issues such as poverty, child well being, and foster-care; an investment in teen pregnancy can make a significant change in the overall health and well-being of our state. 

We invite you to join us in your role as a direct provider of services to the young people in our state. Together we can ensure that our youth receive age-appropriate and medically accurate information from the adults they trust most. To this end, we hope this newly redesigned Online Learning Center will be an on-going resource for you in the years to come.


Forrest L. Alton, MSPH, CHES                                   

Chief Executive Officer


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